Macrae Landscapes

Macrae Landscapes

Macrae Landscapes


April 7, 2022

Macrae Landscapes

One-Paragraph Summary:
Macrae Landscapes, a distinguished landscaping company, embarked on a rebranding journey with a new high-end website targeting upscale clients. The project focused on creating a sophisticated and user-friendly website that reflects their luxurious services and showcases their expertise in creating elegant outdoor spaces. The outcome is a visually appealing, brand-centric website that effectively captures the essence of Macrae Landscapes’ growth and evolution, enhancing their online presence and appeal to a more affluent clientele.

The website we built was working hard straight away and secured him a deal within a week just by referring the client to his website to see some previous work. The lady called back and said, “Hey, you look like you take pride in your work and you business, you have the job”. More results that Alex from his new website was a lead that came to him through a google search. Alex went to the site to quote and secured a $10,000 project that he would have never even had an opportunity to quote before he had a website that was working for him.

Client: Macrae Landscapes, a premier landscaping company, known for their high-quality services and expertise in creating luxurious outdoor spaces.

Objective: The primary goal was to rebrand and develop a high-end website that aligns with Macrae Landscapes’ shift towards a more upscale clientele. The aim was to reflect the company’s growth and evolution, showcasing their sophisticated and top-tier landscaping services.


  1. High-End Website Design: To create a website that exudes luxury and appeals to high-end clients.
  2. Brand Reinforcement: Emphasize the new branding through the website’s aesthetic and content.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Ensure the website is navigable, engaging, and informative for prospective clients.
  4. Showcase of Services and Portfolio: Effectively display Macrae Landscapes’ range of services and previous high-quality projects.


  1. Sophisticated Web Design: Developed a visually appealing and elegant website interface.
  2. Brand-Centric Content: Integrated content that resonates with the new brand image.
  3. Intuitive Navigation and Layout: Enhanced user experience with easy-to-navigate pages and clear information layout.
  4. Enhanced Portfolio Display: Showcased past projects and services to highlight Macrae Landscapes’ expertise and quality.

Outcome: The project culminated in the launch of a new, high-end website for Macrae Landscapes, perfectly aligned with their rebranding goals and targeted client base. The website effectively showcases the company’s expertise in luxury landscaping, with a sophisticated design and user-friendly interface that enhances their online presence and appeal to upscale clients.

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